LIMITED RELEASE-Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Phat Dough

4 Pack

Four Pack!

When that pumpkin spice hits the spot, all your problems disappear. Dance yourself to pumpkin spicy bliss with our latest limited release edible cookie dough flavor.

This pumpkin pie chocolate chip edible cookie dough tastes like a big spoonful of pumpkin pie filling with delectable chocolate morsels in every bite. Its fluffy, silky, creamy texture and rich pumpkin flavor are next level. The best part...this deliciousness is all indulgence with none of the guilt. We keep it real, clean, and delicious.

  • Clean Ingredients | Nutrient Dense
  • Low-Carb | Keto
  • No sugar added
  • Gluten Free | Grain Free

Who wants to wait for cookies to bake?! We see you over there, sneaking dough from the bowl. Become one with the spiciness and enjoy it by the spoonful this holiday season. This a LIMITED RELEASE so it will only be available while supplies last. Don't miss out on all the pumpkin spicy goodness.