Chelsey Bishop Lost 170 Pounds on Keto Diet

Chelsey Bishop Lost 170 Pounds on Keto Diet

You guys we are 2/2 so far!! This is our second post for the Phat Foodie feature!!

If you're new here, last month we re-launched our Phat Foodie of the Month which means, once a month (obvi), we will feature someone who is doing incredible things in the healthy food space. Whether they are focused on delicious unique recipes, tips and tricks, or innovations in this arena, their goal is to help you live your most vibrant life. That's why we love them and we know you will too!  

We are so pumped to introduce you to September's Phat Foodie...Chelsey! 

She has lost over 170 pounds naturally and is absolutely hilarious! So read on to learn more about her story and make sure to join me on the IG for our LIVE conversation on Sunday, September 26 at 10AM MST where we will dive deeper into these and other topics.

A little about Chelsea....

My name is Chelsey and I'm a 36-year-old desert rat, born and raised in Tucson, AZ. I rarely get haircuts because I'm a bit impatient. I have an intense passion for Texas Roadhouse. And, I live life by trying to find the humor in everything.

What got her started on her health journey...

By the time I hit 33, I was clocking in at almost 350lbs. And I'm only 5'3, so just imagine how uncomfortable all that weight felt packed onto my small frame. I had accepted my size and just thought that was it for me, I was just a large person.

Well, I started to experience health issues as a direct result of my obesity. My heart would beat SO hard and so fast ALL the time, it terrified me. My feet throbbed and my ankle would swell every single evening. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and required medication.

And finally, the catalyst that launched me blindly into a health journey was getting removed from a rollercoaster at Universal Studios because the lap bar wouldn't fit over my large body. That was the most mortifying moment of my life, and I knew I deserved a better quality of life than that.

Her top tips for living your healthiest life...

Whatever path you decide to take, it has to be something you truly enjoy. Keto was absolutely it for me. I could still enjoy my favorite restaurants while staying on my ketogenic eating plan without feeling deprived.

Tailor your way of eating to fit your life, don't fit your life around your eating. Food can be used for both enjoyment as well as nourishment, and finding that evolving balance is a huge part of the journey. 

Her fav Real Phat Foods snack and her fav way to enjoy it...

I am a total hoe for Real Phat crackers!!! I probably eat them daily in some way or another, whether it's straight from the bag or crumbled over a salad. My personal favorite lately as been pub cheese on the rosemary crackers, but some salted butter on the originals will always be near and dear to my heart.

Her one piece of advice...

I find that 'replacing' instead of 'removing' helps me sustain the lifestyle and sways my thinking away from that very common "I'm missing out" feeling. For example, instead of removing my pizza crust, I replace it by moving my pizza toppings onto Real Phat crackers! 

Check her out...

If you need a smile, and honestly who doesn't, you can find Chelsey on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and on her Website.