Where in the world do you ship?

Great question! We ship everywhere in the continental U.S.

Side note: Some items may be restricted during the summer months for temperature control reasons.

What are your shipping rates and do you offer free shipping?

Breads and doughs ship Monday–Wednesday. All other orders are shipped Monday–Friday. 

Anything within the continental U.S. is $8. Average ship time to West Coast is 2 days, Midwest is 4 days, East Coast is 6 days. 

Did I hear you say you wanted free shipping? You got it! All orders over $50 (before tax & after discounts) will receive free shipping.

Do you deliver?

You bet! We adore our local Idahoans! We are out and about every Tuesday delivering goodies around the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Emmet, Eagle)!  Delivery is free for every order $20+ (pre tax/post discount).

Can I track my order?

Can't wait for those goodies to arrive? We get it! When the order is shipped you will get an automatic email with your tracking number. If you can't find the email, login to your account here.

I'm in Canada, how do I order?

Canadian, eh? You can find us on Amazon eh.

Sound good eh? Great!

How do I review or update my subscription order?

Thank you for subscribing! As a benefit, you will receive 10% off each order.

Need to check on your subscription, or make a change, login here.

Still having troubles? Try this link.

Or send us an email!

My items arrived warm. Are they still safe to eat?

Absolutely, but I’m glad you asked! Our products contain no food safety concerns if left unrefrigerated even if they were left in the heat. We DO want you to refrigerate as soon as possible to get the longest shelf-life available to enjoy all the deliciousness!

Are you certified Gluten-Free?

All of our products are naturally gluten free due to the ingredients we use HOWEVER, only our Phat CRACKers are made in a certified gluten free facility.