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We take your health seriously! We create real food to fuel your life so you can slay your goals, pursue your dreams and spend time doing what you love. Best of all, we bring it to you because life is crazy-busy. We get that. 



Like most mamas out there, my world was rocked (in the BEST way) when my little cubs were born. I started to care like never before about what food we were putting into our bodies. Finding out my daughter had a severe dairy allergy, pushed it to another level. I started nerding out hard..pouring over research reports & studying nutrition labels.

The more I read, the more shocked I became at what is allowed in “conventional” food…additives, preservatives, unnecessary sugars & carbohydrates, dough conditioners (seriously, what is that?), meat glue YUCK! Too much of the current food industry has become for profit, not for people, so I decided to do something about it. 

The Clean Food Diet!

Evidence is mounting that a clean food diet consisting of high (quality) fat, low carbohydrate, & moderate protein increases energy, promotes mental clarity, is great for weight loss, slows the aging process and staves off multiple chronic diseases (including cancer). So we know this is the way to eat, butt…few people have the time to prepare homemade food that is junk-free and super-duper good for you.

That’s where we come in, let us do it for you! Our passion is making real food (that is real convenient) that nourishes and fuels your body and brain.

Real food that's real good. That's the Real Phat Foods way!