We take your health seriously! We put the Real Phat Foods spin on your favorite snacks, so you can conquer the day and feel amazing while you’re at it.

So have your cake (or keto cookie dough in this case) and eat it too. You’ve earned it.


My Story

Maybe you can relate: Before I was even 10 years old, I began my relationship with yo-yo dieting. Throughout my teenage years and into my 20's, my mindset was solely focused on how I looked rather than how I felt. For over two decades, the cycle would look something like this: try the latest trendy diet, feel deprived and unsatiated, fall off the wagon, and eventually start the cycle all over again. Each time I ‘failed’ left me feeling so defeated.

Once I became a mother, I was determined to find a sustainable solution. I realized that in order to become the healthiest version of myself – not only for me but also for my kids – I needed to shift my priorities toward longevity and disease prevention versus simply a number on the scale. Rather than restricting myself, I found healthier ways to recreate all my favorite foods. I started having fun in the kitchen again and would bake from scratch to avoid all the unnecessary carbs and sugar found in so many packaged goods from the grocery store. 

I felt AMAZING. I had more energy than ever before, my skin was glowing, and my cravings had all but disappeared. But these incredible improvements weren’t just because of what I wasn’t eating. The answer also lied in what I was. My diet was finally packed with nutrient-dense foods rich in fiber, healthy fats, and adequate protein from simple, whole foods. At last my health goals were within reach, and I knew I wanted to help others achieve their own food freedom.

My delicious low carb snacks were an instant hit among loved ones. In 2018, I officially turned my love of high quality, nourishing food into a full time business, and Real Phat Foods was born. 

Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey!


Tasha Pennington, Founder & CEO

Real food that's real good. That's the Real Phat Foods way!