Original Phat Cracker Multi-Packs - Two Backs

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Low carb snacks that will brighten your day and make keto a breeze, that's what Real Phat Foods is all about. Enjoy our full line of keto foods, knowing that every bite is grain free, keto friendly and diabetic friendly.
Original Phat Cracker Multi-Packs - Two Backs

Dairy Free

Enjoy the tastiest dairy free and low carb crackers on the planet with Real Phat Food's keto crackers, phat breads and phat dough. Enjoy life without milk.
Original Phat Cracker Multi-Packs - Two Backs


A clean food diet consisting of high (quality) fat, low carbohydrate, & moderate protein increases energy, promotes mental clarity, is great for weight loss, slows the aging process and staves off multiple chronic diseases (including cancer). 
Original Phat Cracker Multi-Packs - Two Backs

Keto Food

Try our Keto crackers. If you are craving for something sweet, try our Keto banana bread or Keto cookie dough. This deliciousness is all indulgence with none of the guilt. We keep it real, clean, and delicious.

Kaizen Keto Pasta Keto Diet Food

Keto Pasta

Kaizen Low Carb Pasta - High Protein, Keto Friendly, Plant Based, Made with High Fiber Lupin Flour 

Simply put, Kaizen means change for the better. It is about taking small, gradual, but consistent action towards reaching our personal goals and dreams. To achieve our personal goals and dreams by being just 1% better than the day before. This philosophy has helped us take control over our health, lose over 100 pounds, and create healthier versions of our favorite foods, like this pasta!

Grain free breads from Real Phat Foods

Phat Breads

Impossibly delicious, clean keto breads that are grain free breads made with simple, clean ingredients to fuel the day.

Real Phat Food Crackers paired with meats, cheese and fruit.

Phat Crackers

The tastiest low carb crackers on the planet.

Grain Free Phat Crumbs Bread Crumbs

Phat Crumbs

Enjoy all the breaded foods your heart desires… without the actual bread. 


Real Phat Foods Bread with bananas, walnuts and yogurt.


A rare mix of indulgent, nourishing, and dangerously delicious – without all the unnecessary carbs, sugar, and other junk. Allow our as-good-as homemade, nutrient-dense foods to fuel life’s biggest adventures and daily accomplishments. 

Clean Keto | Low Carb | Diabetic Friendly | Zero Sugar | Junk Free | Small Batch

Real Phat Foods by Subscription

Real Phat Foods by Subscription

You love Real Phat Foods and what keto friendly foods does for your body, so automate your orders and get a subscription! It's super duper easy. All you need to do is order your favorite foods and choose the "subscription" order on checkout. You'll then get your best food just when you want it. 

Note: You won't find our delicious foods here. Go to the product page to find our delicious flavors and foods and to order a subscription.