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Phat Cracker Crumbs


Bring back the crispiness you’ve been craving with guilt-free indulgence at its finest!! The low-carb possibilities are endless with our clean, better-for-you bread crumb alternative, Real Phat Foods™ Phat Crumbs! We've added traditional Italian herbs to our revered Almond Flour Crackers and processed them down to the perfect "breading" texture, readying them for your low-carb meatballs, chicken nuggies, chicken parm, mozzarella sticks, even casserole topping! Just swap out traditional bread crumbs for our Phat Crumbs to add a flavor boost and perfectly crispy texture to your favorite meals and snacks. Phat Crumbs are:

  • D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S
  • 100% grain-free (made from almond flour)
  • Keto & diabetic-friendly (1 net carb)
  • Paleo
  • Minimal, clean ingredients
  • Gluten-free & dairy-free
  • Yeast, soy, GMO, and junk free

 Bake them, fry them, use them in an air fryer, or even sprinkle them on salad! Get creative and take your low-carb game to a whole new level. Check out our recipes here!