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Phat Family


We’re a phun phamily here at Team Phat. Too much on the ph? 

We are always looking for quality humans to be part of Team Phat. Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? If you’re drawn to highly-motivated individuals who believe in people over profit, authenticity in all aspects of life, find yourself dancing through the kitchen, sing loudly to your favorite song, and believe in the pursuit of better - you’re our people.




Real Phat Foods was grown out of the belief that food is medicine. When searching for healthy options that also tasted great, we came up short. Why not take it into our own hands? It worked and we couldn’t be more proud. Real Phat Foods produces healthy, grain-free & sugar-free baked goods.

Our passion became our mission which is to make real food that nourishes, but also tastes amazing and is crazy-convenient. We deliver directly to local consumers, ship nationwide, and sell our products through retail outlets. We’re expanding rapidly, so if you’re looking to grow with us, we’d love to make you part of the family.



Healthful – We believe food is medicine.

Purposeful – We value people over profit and always will.

Reliable – We do what we say and give a little bit more.

Authentic – We find it most important to be authentic and genuine internally and in service to others.

Driven – We work hard so we can play hard.

Determined – We feel failure is necessary for growth and we are always willing to learn. from mistakes so we can be better every day. 

Innovative – We are always thinking of new ideas and looking toward better solutions.

Virtuous – We have high standards for quality and take pride in what we do.



Fulfillment Team Member

Are you a problem solver who likes to come up with innovative solutions? Do you like working in a fast paced environment where efficiency & fun are the name of the game? Did you say yes and yes? If so, this is your moment to shine.

We are in search of the right person to help us pack, stack, and share our healthy, delicious goodies with the world. This person would work within a team environment to help pull, pack, and ship small parcels of goodies to homes across the U.S while giving the customer the best experience possible.


Are you someone who is known in your circle as the person who efficiently makes their way through life? Do you desire to work in a fast-paced bakery environment where the quality level is set at 100? If yes, we definitely need to meet you!

In this position, we are looking for someone who wants to work within a team to safely produce and package Real Phat Foods’ line of clean label, low carbohydrate, grain-free, gluten-free, and sweetened without sugar breads, crackers and cookie doughs to the highest of quality standards.


We are always on the lookout for incredible talent who likes to have fun and really wants to make a difference in the food industry. Please introduce yourself and let us know what you’re interested in should the position become open!