How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions & Rock 2022

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions & Rock 2022

Most people are up for a challenge each January, right? Whether your resolution is based around health and wellness, diet, exercise, organization or even spending more time with the family, choosing a new habit can be tough because you want a challenge but also don’t want to make anything too difficult that you fall off track. 

You need personal discipline and the will power to even start. Starting is the hardest part because you have to make the decision to kick some ass and better yourself in whatever area you choose. If you already started out this year strong, keep it up and be proud of yourself every day. If you haven’t yet, that’s cool, too! You start when you’re ready! You have to have the right mindset and motivation or you may not make it all year long. Each day into January, more and more people fall off the bandwagon. But we have some super duper easy ways for you to keep up your New Years goals and resolutions that work!

  1. Choose a goal that will push you and that you know you can crush with hard work. That’s not to say you need to keep it simple (keeping it simple is not a bad thing, either — anyone else put “making your bed” on the resolution list? Okay… just me?).
  2. Choose a goal that motivates YOU for the right reasons. You want a goal you want to achieve vs having a goal you’re doing for someone else.
  3. Keep track of your progress every day or every week. There are apps for this that can help, but essentially make a checklist or spreadsheet and give yourself a well deserved sticker every day you crush your goal! This will also give you the evidence you need to see to reach success. Did you make your bed today? STICKER! Did you drink crush your water or reading goals… STICKER!
  4. If your goal is something food or exercise related, have a partner you can lean on and work with. It’s always easiest when you’re not doing something totally alone. Grab your bestie and become workout buddies. Maybe you’re going keto in 2022? Get your spouse on board (you can pull tips from our blog last month about easy tips for keeping it keto) because it’s easiest when you have someone to kick ass with!

Whatever you decide to do this year, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons because that alone will give you all kinds of motivation to keep going. If you haven’t picked a goal to crush in 2022 that’s okay, too! You still can if you want and, if it’s not your thing, these tips will help you in life anyway.