Emily Settles -Cheezy_E - Keto Journey Included Phat Foods!

Emily Settles -Cheezy_E -  Keto Journey Included Phat Foods!
It's that time again!!! Once a month, we feature someone who is doing incredible things in the healthy food space. Whether they are focused on delicious unique recipes, tips and tricks, or innovations in this arena, their goal is to help you live your most vibrant life.  That's why we love them and we know you will too!  
We couldn't be more excited to introduce you to September's Phat Foodie..Emily! She is so genuine and absolutely loves connecting with the health food community. 

A little bit about Emily Settles

My name is Emily and I live in Kentucky. I am married and have two amazing kidos. I love to cook healthy meals for my family. Growing up as one of five children to a single mom, we couldn't always afford to have the healthiest food so I grew up with body image issues and have struggled with it my entire life.
It wasn't until I had children of my own that I really took charge of my health. That led me to my keto journey! My husband and I also thrive on home improvement projects. It's something we love to do together! Now I share my life, food and home improvement projects on Instagram.

Why did you start sharing your journey on social media?

I started to share my journey on social media, really, to be motivated by others and hopefully to help others along the way. Receiving those messages telling me how my journey or recipes have helped others is what it’s all about. It makes my day and keeps me going on this platform. I am in awe of the keto community, the transformations, and the food. There is inspiration all around me! I am so thankful I took that first step in November 2017, because not only have I lost weight, found a healthy lifestyle that I love, and feel better all around, but I’ve also made some of the most amazing friends. I truly am blessed to have joined this community!

What’s your favorite Real Phat Foods product & favorite way to enjoy it?

Oh man.. Do I have to answer this?!? I LOVE THEM ALL! 🤣 Okay, Crackers! Crackers! Crackers!! The best freaking crackers ever! I could eat them daily! I enjoy them with dips, cheese, meats, you name it! My second has to be that chocolate chip pumpkin bread! I love to warm it up and add a bit of butter. I truly think, keto or not, that’s the best pumpkin bread I’ve had in all my life!

If you could decide what the next Real Phat Foods Cracker, Bread or Cookie Dough flavor was going to be, what would it be and why?

The next cracker would have to be a hint of jalapeño cracker, with a nice subtle kick to it! Mmmmm! Bread would have to be a banana bread, hands down, I love anything banana! As for cookie dough, it would be awesome to see some white chocolate macadamia! Yum!!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Real Phat Foods Family?

I’d just love to continue sharing my support for this awesome company, with the best keto friendly products I’ve had to date! I love to support small businesses, especially ones who have such clean, healthy ingredients. Oh, and my picky eating kids LOVE them, so... That says it all! 

Check out this amazing soup recipe Emily makes to go with our crackers! 

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